About Us

About Whale On The Wall:

Whale On the Wall brings together two great forces, one of nature and one of technology.

Whales are the world’s greatest travelling mammals. They cross tens of thousands of miles across each year in search for food, climate and mates. Dogged and single minded in the pursuit of what they want. We aim to be the whales of the photography world. We yearn to explore, learn and capture what we see and see distance as no obstacle in the pursuit of our aim.

We combine the persistence and determination of the whale with cutting edge technology. Photography comes in many different forms. Fly on the wall photography is a style which does not interrupt the natural moment. It does not stage, it does not organise and it does not influence what is real. It captures the moment in its purest form.

Hence Whale On The Wall Photography. The determination of the whale meets the naturalism of on the wall photography. Unique images from a unique perspective.


About Joseph Conlon, Founder of Whale On The Wall:

Joseph is a passionate photographer who has travelled extensively throughout Asia, South America, North America, Europe and the Middle East. Throughout his travels, he harnessed a documentary photography style which he felt could be used in all forms of photography here in the UK and beyond. Joseph has founded Whale On The Wall with the intention of helping businesses, charities and individuals show who they really are and document real life moments in all areas of photography.

Joseph recently had his photograph published on the front cover of the National Geographic Traveller photography competition which he featured in.

Whale On The Wall - National Geographic


Joseph’s work is also selected by Magnum photographer Martin Parr to be published in the Rough Guide’s ‘You Are Here’ book: